Corporation Establishment and Management

Foreign investors can open their business in the Philippines by incorporating a company in the Philippines. The form of the corporation will depend on the nature of the business, rate of export, and the rate of foreign investment. Although under the Philippine Laws, the general rule for foreign equity in the Philippines is 40%, there are exceptions in which up to 100% can be owned by foreign investors.

Up to 100% foreign equity is allowed to establishments that:

  1. are not on the Philippine Foreign Investment Negative List (retail trade, mass media, etc.)
  2. are engaging in the export of goods or services with more than 60% of its revenue generated from abroad
  3. have a paid-in capital equivalent to USD 200,000, should the foreign investor decide to cater to the local market

Incorporating a company in the Philippines is a very tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork and queueing up at different government offices. CODEV offers an affordable corporation establishment service in the Philippines. Let our experienced team handle this process so that you can dedicate your time and focus into your core business.

Here are the services that we can provide companies of all sizes:

  1. Business Incorporation
    • Application to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) includes drafting of Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and other necessary documents
    • Acquisition of Barangay Clearance and Barangay Plate
    • Acquisition of Mayor’s Permit, Sanitary Permit, Fire and Safety Permit, Business Plate, CGL Insurance, etc.
    • Registration to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)
    • Other proxy services
    • Introduction to a Filipino founder / officer
  2. Business Support
    • Rental office search
    • Drafting of leasing agreement
    • Bank account opening
    • Application for Office Amenities (Electricity, water service, phone service, internet service, etc.)
    • Employee recruitment
    • Drafting of Employee contracts
    • Drafting of Employee rules
  3. Representative of general affairs / Accounting
    • Consigning attorneys, accountants, and staff on behalf of the company
  4. Acquisition of Special Economic Zones Certification and Special Licenses
    • Applications necessary for Special Economic Zones Certification (PEZA, CEZA, etc.)
    • Special business operation licenses (VC Exchange License, Online Gaming License, etc.)


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