Offshore Development Lab

Looking to expand your business but would like to minimize the risk and cost, without sacrificing the quality of your product? CODEV Solutions, Inc. has developed an Offshore Development Lab model that will allow you to setup an offshore development lab in the Philippines on a low budget starting with 2 programmers.

With this model, since the programmers will be recruited and hired as employees of our company, the necessity of establishing a corporation will be eliminated, thus, minimizing the risk for our clients.

Our team will handle everything including the recruitment of the best programmers to hiring and executing employment procedures. The offshore development lab plan is a basic one-year contract with a monthly cost that starts from 300,000 JPY per programmer.

We also have a trial contract that you can avail if you prefer to try our service for a few months. In this case, we will assign the project to freelance programmers who are contracted with our company. You can start with 1 programmer at a monthly cost of 300,000 JPY per programmer.

CODEV Solutions, Inc. strives to adhere to our clients’ needs so contact us now, so we can further discuss which course of action will suit you the best.


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